Character Bios
Robin Hood (Robert Fourth Earl of Loxley, Robin of Loxley, Robin ?o the Hood) - The legend of Robin Hood is one of the most famous of its kind. His origin probably lies in an outlaw that failed to appear before Royal Justices circa 1225.

Many Ballads have been written about the legend and this is ours?

After returning from the crusades a young Robin finds his father killed, and his lands under church rule. When it is known that Robin has returned Abbot Hugo sends his man Guy of Gisbourne after Robin. Robin flees with his friend Will Scarlet. This is the beginning of the most celebrated outlaw of legend. Robin gained many allies during this time but also many enemies such as Sir Roger ?the cruel?, Baron Isambart, and foremost the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Robin being a Saxon has no love for the Normans, but also does not hate them. His main concern is for that of the oppressed peoples of England. He is often at odds with himself, on seeking vengeance for the wrong doing to his family, and his duty as a knight. Robin is a natural leader, and an excellent tactician; he is charismatic and completely and wholly in love with the Lady Marion and would lay his life down for her if need be.