Character Bios
Queen Isabel (Isabel of Gloucester, Avisa, Hawise, Joan, Elenore) - Isabella is a woman of stature; she is of Norman nobility and carries herself as such. She married Prince John in 1189 and came with quite a few extras in her dowry such as her brother?s allegiance to John and several county fiefs under her control. Her close kinship with John meant that they needed to get special permission from the church (the pope in particular) to get married.

While not being as power hungry as her husband Isabella enjoys the privileges that her station gives her. She has no particular dislike for the Saxon, but is defiantly pro Norman. Queen Isabella has a temper and is very much a spoiled brat. She has no compuncture about speaking her mind, and will often have a terse comment that will quiet all conversation, Isabella?s bodyguard Lady Gwen is her first line of defense on a physical level.