Character Bios
Lawrence De Languedoc (Lawrence the Lady-killer) - Lawrence a Norman, born in France moved to England under suspicious circumstances. The son of a minor noble he came to Prince John?s court several months ago and things have never been the same. Lawrence has trained in melee combat but the fact is he is a coward, on several occasions he has backed down from combat or cheated to win. It soon became obvious the reason he left France was the blatant murder of a Norman peasant woman. Lawrence has gained a reputation of battling only women, and if they are winning defeating them by cheating. Lawrence often kills his opponents after they yield; he usually has several knives or a dagger hidden on his person, which he uses to deadly effect. In John?s court he has gained the nickname ?Lady-killer? and some measure of tolerance. The only reason he is not in a dungeon is his father holds a bit of political influence in France.

Lawrence is a knave of the worst sort, a coward, and perverse in his pleasures, the most alarming thing is he is quiet and unimposing a deadly combination. He does not like strong women, they intimidate him, who is why he dislikes the Queen, Gwen, Ranora and Marion and the feeling is mutual (probably the only thing the later two will ever agree on). Of note is that the female peasant population where ever Lawrence is tends to drop drastically, and it will be probably only a matter of time before he is forced to move on or stopped.