Character Bios
Little John (John Little of Hathersage, Reynold Greenleaf, Mr. Green) - John Little or Little John as he is known, was one of the first bandits in Sherwood Forest. He was ousted from his home by Prince Johns taxes and laws. Little John and his wife Fanny and their twelve children (eight of which are theirs and four are orphans they have adopted) have made a life, or a least tried too on the run from the law. Little John met Robin Hood on that fateful day at the bridge and since then they have been close friends. There is a rumor that Little John was at one time under a spell from the Baron Isambart De Belame, but if this is true there is no proof. Little John and his family bring the element to the merry men, that of family. Little John was one of Robin Hood?s closest friends and two would easily lay their lives down for the other. Little John is the master of staff and there is no one more skilled at it, one other hand he is not very skilled in the art of the sword. Little John is also skilled (as are most of the Merry Men) with the bow. Little John despite his size has a very calm demeanor about him. He is not one to get mad very quickly, but when he does it is not very pretty.