Character Bios
Prince John (Prince John Lackland, Soft sword, the future King of England) - Prince John received his nickname from the fact that he received no fief from his father Henry II, John plotted with his brother Richard to usurp the throne from their father and Richard rewards John with lordships in France and England. John marries Isabel of Gloucester in 1189 and remained with her for ten years. John became angered at Richards choice of an heir their nephew Arthur, and plotted against his brother while he was away at the Third Crusades. This plot was almost successful when Richard I was imprisoned in Germany and that is the time of John?s coronation tournament (circa 1194).

John lusts for power and tends to be a delagative leader, giving favors and lands to subordinate nobles to gain loyalty and to many these makes him seem weak. While a God fearing man John has no problems using whatever method gains him more power, such as a pagan advisor or an unscrupulous mercenary. John has absolutely no love for the Saxons and considers them second-class citizens, even the Saxon nobility. Of note is that John is a letch and often has amorous motives when it comes to a pretty face, John?s single driving force is his quest for the Crown of England and the power that it brings him, everything else is secondary to that goal. John tends to be calm but is known to have fits of rage if things don?t go his way. He is trained in the martial skills; he is also skilled in many courtly arts.