Character Bios
William Longchamp (Bishop of Ely, Chancellor of England, Justicar of England) - Sir William Longchamp is the only individual to hold both a state and religious position at the same time. Longchamp was also Justicar of England until he was exiled due to his exceeding power. It was Longchamp that assisted in the negotiations that led to the release of Richard from the German keep Trifels; he arrived in England preparing for the Kings return. Although he has a somewhat chequered past he is loyal to Richard to a fault. Longchamp silently gives aid to all those who oppose Prince John and his court.

Longchamp is an adequate swordsman, but an excellent statesmen, and politician thus his positions. Longchamp has many enemies the foremost being the ex Justicar Hugh du Puiset Bishop of Durham who longs for revenge for being ousted by Longchamp. The Sheriff has accused Longchamp of aiding Robin Hood and his men, but so far has been unable to prove it and thus has been hounding him relentlessly.