Character Bios
Lady Ranora La Noire (Priestess, Ranora the Dark, Ranora the Pagan, The Black Witch) - Ranora is priestess of dark powers of which no one should speak, a caster of spells, a brewer of potions, and a consorter of things that dwell in darkness.

She hails from far off lands and appeared at Prince Johns court at the behest of Baron Isambart De Belame court and became one of his prince John?s advisors. She travels with the prince and is currently residing at Nottingham Castle. Ranora has feelings for Robert de Rainault, the Sheriff, but he lusts after Marion, and this infuriates Ranora who takes her frustrations out solely on Marion. The only reason that she doesn?t attempt to outright kill Marion is because Marion is under the Sheriffs protection. Ranora has some issues with Lady Alicia as she has designs on the Sheriff and he on her. Ranora uses her feminine wiles to get what she wants and her sex is her greatest weapon.

Ranora has the ability to cast spells of varying degrees, she is precognitive, she is accused of consorting with demons and rumors of a demonic Red Knight persist. Ranora is wild, she does what she wants when she wants and usually gets away with it (since she is under Prince John?s protection). She is EVIL and not a woman to be crossed. Ranora will do almost anything to gain the Sheriffs attention; unfortunately the Sheriffs concerns lie with Marion whether this changes remains to be seen.