Character Bios
King Richard (Richard the Lion Hearted, Richard I, Couer de Lion, Melech Ric) - The true historical Richard spent only six to eight months of his reign in England the rest of his time was spent either in France or the Holy land on crusade.

During the Third Crusade Richard hearing of his brother?s treachery negotiated a truce with Saladin, and left for England. Richard was captured while returning to England by the forces of King Leopold V of Austria, with the help of King Philip II of France and Prince John, Richards own brother, and Richard was imprisoned in Germany and eventually found by the troubadour Blondel. Richard?s chancellor William Longchamp secretly affected his ransom with the help of Richards mother Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Richard is fair and honorable and has compassion for friend and foe alike; he is an excellent swordsman and trained in the martial skills. Richard is a master tactician, a negotiator, and is also trained in the courtly arts. Richard is considered a good king but cares little for governing, and more for the thrill of battle, despite this he truly cares for his people. Richard actually believes that the nobility should not oppress the peasant or the infidel.