Character Bios
Friar Tuck (the Drunk Friar, Michael Tuck) - Michael Tuck the rebel monk of Fountains Abbey is a staunch ally of Robin Hood and his men. The Abbot Hugo for questioning the policies of the church, regarding the peasants and their monies and land, ousted Tuck. The incident in question had Tuck brought up on charges before a Church tribunal headed by the Abbot Hugo. When questioned about his loyalties, Tuck in normal fashion for him, had a terse comment, the Abbot attempted to hit Tuck, Tuck ducked and the Abbot fell from his throne in embarrassment and summarily excommunicated Tuck. Tuck joined Robin?s band after their fateful meeting at a Swallows River. Tuck is an accomplished warrior skilled both sword and staff. Tuck has a high tolerance for drink but does not advertise this fact. Many say that his drunkenness is only an act, but he?s not telling. Friar Tuck is the spiritual leader of the merry men and while not necessarily following the doctrine of the church, he is a good and wise man despite his vices. At one time Tuck was Nottingham Castle?s chaplain. He would very often pass messages between Marion and Robin Hood without anyone being the wiser. Tuck and the Sheriff are openly friendly but this helps further the Merry Men in various ways. Tuck truly despises Ranora and her pagan evil and cares little for the Prioress or the Abbott and his henchmen