Character Bios
Lady Marion (Maid Marion, Maiden Marion, Marion of Lea ) - The woman known as Marion originally was the figure of the May Queen in the olde English ballads. In our tale she is the one true love of Robin Hood?

Marion is the daughter of Sir Richard of Lea, a minor noble of Saxon descent. When her father was sent on the crusades Marion became a ward of the church, in particular at Kirklees Abbey. At one point Marion was to be used as trade for soldiers from Baron Isambart de Belame to hunt for the outlaws of Sherwood Forest. On the way to the Baron?s castle Marion was rescued by Robin and his men, it was here that Robin and Marion first met and fell in love. It was soon after this that the Sheriff of Nottingham forced his hand and Marion became a ward of Nottingham Castle. Marion has remained a ward of Nottingham Castle since before her father returned from the crusades and she has fended off the amorous intentions of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Marion?s heart belongs to Robin and no one else, she knows of Robin?s whereabouts and does her best to fowl any plans the Sheriff or his men have to catch Robin. Marion often passes messages through Friar Tuck who for a while was the Nottingham Castle chaplain, and has access to Robin. Marion and the pagan priestess Ranora have a strong dislike for each other exactly why no one is sure. The Lady Rowena and Marion have a common bond due to their situations being so similar.