Character Bios
Sheriff of Nottingham (Robert de Rainault, Constable of Nottingham Castle) - Robert de Rainault is the brother of Abbot Hugo and is the most dangerous enemy that Robin Hood has. Robert inherited the station of Sheriff from his father and since he is constable of a royal castle has the ear of Prince John.

The sheriff first ran across Robin Hood when it became obvious that his cousin Guy of Gisbourne could not catch Robin Hood on his own. The Sheriff has many resources available to him so the bandits of Sherwood Forest have become his problem. The Sheriff lusts after Marion and realizes that her heart belongs to Loxley and it goads at him unbelievably. The Sheriff believes that if he can eliminate Loxley, Marion?s attention will turn to him. The Sheriff gaining Marion as a ward has put some strife between himself and his brother the Abbott, but they still plot to bring down Loxley and his band of men. The Sheriff enjoys the attention Ranora shows him but is leery of her motivations, the sheriff has a unique relationship with Lady Alicia, that of student and lover The sheriff truly likes Friar Tuck believing him to be a kindred spirit, at least in the ways of wenching, but Tuck uses his position to aid Robin and Marion?s cause. The Sheriff?s strongest ally is the Knight Templar Brian des Bois de Gilbert, while their goals are not the same but their methods are similar.

Robert is an arrogant, pompous, and enjoys what his position brings, wealth, good food wine and women, he is secure in his position and the privileges it gives him. He is well trained in the use of the sword and several other weapons. He is given to fits of rage and has a temper several shires wide. He is calculating and uses almost every opportunity to his advantage if at all possible. He does not look on failure kindly unless it his own.