Character Bios
- Abbot Hugo of St Marys (Hugo de Rainault) - The religious leader of Nottingham shire and the primary reason Robin became an outlaw. The Abbott is a dangerous man in a position of power and often pays as a puppeteer, pulling strings where no one can see him, he is in collusion with Baron Isambart. The abbot is the brother of the Sheriff of Nottingham

Adam Bell - A contemporary of Robin Hood and an outlaw in the Inglewood Forest near Carlisle, two of his men are Clym of the Clough and William Cloudsley

Adam the Carpenter - A merry man

Alan-A-Dale - Bard and troubadour of the merry men, Alan-a-Dale joined after Robin helped to rescue Alan?s love, Fair Ellen from a pre arranged marriage to Guy of Gisbourne. Alan is the minstrel of the merry men is well liked by all of them. Very often Alan will attempt to talk one out of a fight before engaging them, this is by no means a show of cowardice it is simply Alan using his skills in speech to avoid unneeded bloodshed. Alan is often found with Will Scarlet as the two seem to be totally opposite personality wise but are best friends. There is a sever dislike between Alan-a-Dale and Guy of Gisbourne and this fact is not hidden by either. Alan does not care for the brash, subversive Lady Ilene nor her plots, which seem to involve Fair Ellen. Alan is an adapt swordsman, But is somewhat na?ve to those who would cheat, he defiantly is more a lover than a fighter.

Anwold - A member of Cedric?s house and man at arms.

Arthur A Bland (The Tanner of Blyth) - Large man who joined the merry men

Azzim (Prince Azzim) - Azzim is a Moor (a Muslim from Spain) He was in the Holy Land when he observed atrocities being acted out by his sultan; he spoke up and was imprisoned for this. It is in this prison he met Robin Hood they both escaped and made there way to England via Spain. They are good friends and Azzim can often be found at Robin Hoods. Azzim brings much to this band of outlaws in the ways of tactics, skills, wisdom, and a different (Middle Eastern) point of view.

Baldwin de Oyley - Gilberts squire

Baron Isambart De Belame - Pagan Landowner and ally of Abbot Hugo, Baron Isambart dislikes Robin and attempts to capture him on several occasions. A rumor persists that he has some dealings with dark magick but this has not been proven. His reputation is such that his castle is known as Evilhold. There is rumor that he had Little John under some sort of magic and Robin Hood broke the spell.

Ben Frow - A merry man.

Berengaria of Navarre (Queen of England) - Wife of Richard I spent most of her life in France and historically did not set foot in England until after Richards death. She loves Richard and currently does not believe the rumors that John and his court perpetuate.

Bishop Of Hereford - Bishop robbed by Robin?s men.

Blondel - King Richard's bard Richard was imprisoned in Germany Blondel searched for him by going to every castle and singing the first lines to a song that he and Richard composed, and waiting for the second line from Richard. He then reported to Richards mother Eleanor and she contacted William Longchamp.

Brian De Gilbert (Brian des Bois de Gilbert, The Raven Templar) - The man known as Brian Desboise de Gilbert is a Knight Templar, a holy soldier of the church, almost to the point of being a zealot, and a Norman through and through. He is not enamored with Lady Rowena as she was Ivanhoe?s love and he covetous all of Ivanhoe?s possessions real or imagined, she is as his ward by order of the Abbot Hugo. After returning from the crusades Gilbert brought the news of Ivanhoe?s treachery and the death of King Richard. He assumed warden ship over Rowena through the auspices of the church and Abbott Hugo. Gilbert has no feelings for Rowena and her heart only belongs to Ivanhoe. At a tournament in the holy land Gilbert was defeated by Ivanhoe during a joust, this embarrassment was too much for Gilbert; later Gilbert was able to deal a near fatal blow to Ivanhoe. Gilbert has attempted to frame Ivanhoe for the death of King Richard, according to Gilbert, Ivanhoe had been captured by Saladin?s forces and he told them where to find King Richard, this led to Richards capture and the death of both Richard and Ivanhoe. Gilbert has a strong hatred for Ivanhoe and if he were ever to see him again he would probably be consumed with nothing less than Ivanhoe?s death.

Gilbert while being a knight of the church uses his position to the utmost to gain whatever advantage he can. He is calculating, cunning; he rarely shows any emotion except bravado toward opponents and is well trained in the use of weapons.

Cedric of Rotherwood (Sir Cedric) - Saxon Noble and the defender of all things Saxon (at least in his eyes), he is the ward of the Saxon princess Rowena and is attempting to marry her to Athelstaine, the descendent of Saxon kings. Cedric is the father of Ivanhoe and but has disinherited his son for going of on the crusade with Richard a Norman king. Cedric does all he can to oppose Norman rule no matter who it is on the throne.

Clorinda (the queen of the shepherdess) - A Saxon heroine that is able with a bow and had amorous intention to Robin

David of Doncaster - A young wise merry man.

Disinherited Knight (Destichado) - This knight appears at Prince John?s Coronation Tournament not revealing his name nor is his face unless he is defeated on the field. He wears the blazon of a disinherited knight (a knight with no lands).Elgitha - The lady in waiting to Lady Rowena.

Elspeth - An apprentice to the pagan sorceress Ranora, Elspeth is learning the dark arts as well and while her ability does not equal that of her mentor she still has some power, and a want to use it. She has an evil streak in her and is a good apprentice to the priestess Ranora.

Fair Ellen - Fair Ellen is Alan-A-Dales one true love, rescued by Alan and Robin from a pre-arranged marriage to Guy of Gisbourne. The Lady Ellen is a Saxon, the daughter of a noble whom suffered under the yoke of Norman oppression. The Abbot Hugo against her will arranged her marriage to Guy; Ellen despises Guy and loves Alan. This situation infuriated Lady Ilene who was truly in love with Guy of Gisbourne, Fair Ellen at that point became the focus of all of Ilene?s plots and would probably led to Ellen?s mysterious death had she not been spirited away on her wedding day by Robin and Alan. She and Alan now live with Robin Hood and his men.

Fanny Little (Little Fanny) - Fanny is Little Johns wife and is the mother of a total of twelve children Wulf, Hollie, and Alan to name a few (four of which are adopted). She has done her best to keep her family together in the worst of situations. She and her husband were one of the first to suffer at Prince John?s evil. Her and her family have become a part of the Merry Men and she is a mother figure too many in Robin?s band. Fanny is well trained in staff by the best in the land, her husband John Little aka. Little John. Fanny has a fiery spirit and woe to any who threaten her family like a mother wolf protecting her cubs; she will take on all threats.

Gandeleyn (Gamble Gold) - A merry man.

Gilbert Bolle - A merry man.

Gilbert Payne - A merry man.

Gurth - Ivanhoe's squire and friend to Womba.

Harvey Blueman - A merry man.

Hugh du Puiset (Bishop Of Durham) - Ousted co-justicar of England, he hates Longchamp and considers him an enemy, because he seeks revenge for being ousted.

Hunderbert - Cedric?s major- domo and advisor.

Ivanhoe (Wilfred of Ivanhoe) - Ivanhoe is a thoroughly honorable individual whose sense of duty is his driving force and this sometimes causes him problems. This sense of duty is what caused him to become disinherited by his father Cedric. His father was angry that Ivanhoe followed a Norman off to the crusades instead of staying in England and helping there. After receiving a grievous wound at a tournament in the holy land by the hand of the Knight Templar Brian Desboise de Gilbert many thought Ivanhoe dead. The Jewess Rebecca helped Ivanhoe to health and a relationship began. With the help of Rebecca?s father Isaac, Ivanhoe travels back to England and the turmoil there, hoping to reconcile with his father and his one true love the Lady Rowena. Ivanhoe is a knight whose word is his bond; he is loyal to the Crown of England and to England itself. He is a loyal subject of King Richard and respects that he is a warrior despite being Norman. The one fault in Ivanhoe?s ?armour? is Rebecca, while in the holy land feelings began to blossom even though he still loved Rowena, and it is this fact that that has caused him much guilt. Ivanhoe bears no Norman malice except one, Gilbert, who has slandered him in the worst way possible, calling him a traitor. Ivanhoe is the penultimate hero being loyal honorable and chivalric to a fault, if one person can be counted on to do the right thing it is Ivanhoe.

Jack Nokes - A merry man.

John Silke - A merry man.

Katharine - The lady in waiting to Lady Marion.

Kit O Thirske - A Saxon peddler that meets Robin Hood.

Lady Gwen (The Queens Shield) - Settling in England, Gwen?s grandparents were of Norse noble heritage. Gwen has been brought up in the ways of a shield maiden and can hold her own against any man in battle. She has been held in the court of Prince John to insure her family?s compliance with John?s policies and is Queen Isabel?s bodyguard. Gwen is an honorable warrior and is somewhat mystified by the intense hatred between Norman and Saxon and the dislikes heaped upon her because of her heritage. She believes that ones deeds should prove ones worth and dislikes the methods used by the members of John?s court, she does not voice her opinion to loudly for fear of the repercussions it will have on her family. Lady Gwen is honest, to the point, noble, courageous, and she has a warrior heart. While she is honor bound to protect the Queen she is starting to believe that she is on the wrong side of this conflict.

Lady Ilene (Lady Ilene of Derby) - Lady Ilene is the daughter of Lord William, the Earl of Derby, a trusted advisor to Prince John. She is one of the Queen Isabella?s ladies in waiting and has been trained by Lady Gwen in combat skills. Lady Ilene has her heart set on marriage to Guy of Gisbourne, cousin to the Sheriff of Nottingham. Guy however, is madly in love with Fair Ellen, his former betrothed who was ?kidnapped? by Alan a Dale and Robin Hood and now with the Merry Men. She staunchly defends Guy and any one who attacks him is an enemy, She does not like it when the Sherriff starts to berate Guy, thus there are some tensions between her and the Sheriff. Lady Ilene is always on the lookout for any of Robin?s men, as she knows her rival (as she sees Fair Ellen) cannot be far behind. Reared in Prince John?s court, Ilene is no stranger to intrigue and is not above scheming, deception and even armed combat to get what she wants. Ilene is a very single minded woman, that goal is to spend her rest of her life with Guy, and what ever it takes will be done to make that happen.

Lady Jocelyn - A young woman in Prince John?s court who is trouble, she is spoiled, bratty, for some reason she has a chip on her shoulder and does not seem to care for any one. She like Lady Ilene, has a dislike for Fair Ellen exactly why is unknown but some believe it has to do with Alan-A-Dale

Lady Rose (Rose Evelyn Siney) - Lady Rose is an enigma to say the least. She is one of the queen?s ladies in waiting, brought to the court by Ranora and allowed to stay by Prince John?s decree. She is usually found near Ranora or Ranora?s apprentice Elspeth. What her motives are and why she is here she is not saying. Lady Rose is extremely self centered and considers herself the equal of any man; she chafes at the sexist attitudes of the men at the time. She is versed in martial weapons, it is rumored that she was a peasant raised to court level by Ranora, others say she was married at one time to a royal guard or minor noble but none of these can be verified.

Lady Rowena (Rowena of Newark) - Lady Rowena was a ward of Cedric, father of Ivanhoe; she is a lady of grace and poise. Rowena?s heart belongs to Ivanhoe, and when the reports of his death reached her she was devastated. Rowena is to be betrothed to Lord Athelstaine, heir to the Saxon Crown but has become a ward of Brian Desboise Gilbert thanks to the Abbott Hugo. This was done despite Cedric?s efforts to stop it in hopes that she would marry Gilbert but she never relented. Rowena has some martial training but she is not a warrior at heart, she has a deep respect for those women who are warriors. Rowena is the classic damsel in distress, she loves Ivanhoe and her life revolves around him, she never gives up hope that some day he will return to rescue her from her current situation. Rowena despises Gilbert and would leave him if she could. Her only friend in Prince John?s court is Marion because their situations are so similar.

Lady Ulrica - Originally a Saxon noblewomen who was one of the first victims of Prince John?s tyranny, she is now a ward of Cedric?s court.

Lord Athelstaine - Saxon noble of ruling lineage originally Rowena?s betrothed prematurely thought dead during a battle with Norman knights. Athelstaine is somewhat of a lout; he cares little for ruling and would rather eat and drink.

Lord Oswald - A Saxon noble trying to free England of Prince John?s tyranny.

Matilda Fitzwalter - Daughter of Robert Fitzwalter and sometimes target of Prince John?s amorous intentions.

Matty - Matty is nephew of Robert De Rainault, Sheriff of Nottingham and his apprentice. The sheriff constantly threatens Guy of Gisbourne with Matty stating that he will replace him with Matty if he continues to blunder. Matty is small but not afraid of larger opponents.

Much/Midge - The miller's son, a young merry men who was an ex vassal of Robin's father. .

Phillip of Cornwall - King Richard?s scout and spy, Phillip could always be found at Richards side Phillip was one of the only people who knew the whole story of Ivanhoe, Gilbert and King Richard; it was he who sent Blondel on the trail of Richards imprisonment. Phillip returned to England under orders from Eleanor, to keep tabs on Prince John and his allies, prior to Prince John?s coronation tournament.

Pindar of Wakefield - A merry man who originally made a boast to Robin was outsmarted by him and joined his band.

Prior Aymer of Jorvaulx (Prior of Jorvaulx Abbey) - Abbots henchmen within the church.

Prioress of Kirklees Abby - Robin's Cousin and a staunch supporter of Abbot Hugo she is nun of the church but has a tendency to be outspoken and to the point, probably due to her station as the head of the Abbey and her ties to Eleanor of Aquitaine. The Prioress has been sent to Prince John?s court under the auspices of watching Prince John?s flirting with dark magic?s, particularly with Ranora being Prince John?s personal advisor.

Ralf De Vipont - Templar knight of St. John and ally of Gilbert.

Ravensgrim (Jonas, Jonas of the East) - Viking mercenary possible a (Rus or Hun) employed by the Sheriff to assist in the shire. Jonas was born an illegitimate child to his mother Mariella. Living in Sherwood Forest, Jonas grew up with his mother. His mother taught him skills on survival and tracking from a very young age and from there, he began pick pocketing and eventually began breaking in and stealing goods. Jonas has only one goal in mind and that?s to protect and provide for his mother. Jonas has respect for Robin's renegade lifestyle exploits with his merry men. Due to living a life as an outlaw, Jonas is very bitter about many things and comes off being cold and uncaring when actually, deep down, he is a very caring when it comes to his mother.

Rebecca (Rebecca of York, Rebecca the Jewess) - Rebecca daughter of Isaac of York Banker for his tribe is a lady of composed beauty. She is skilled in the healing arts and helped Ivanhoe heal after receiving a near fatal blow during a tournament in the holy land. Rebecca met Ivanhoe through her father when the valiant knight helped save him from some brigands.

Rebecca and Ivanhoe were attracted to one another almost immediately even though Ivanhoe had feelings for Rowena. Rebecca has feelings for Ivanhoe but realizes that because she is an infidel and he is Saxon nobility they probably will never be together. This does not stop her though because she accompanies Ivanhoe to England along with her father.

Rebecca is truly a good person but is a bit jealous of the bond that Ivanhoe and Rowena share. Rebecca does not actually dislike Rowena but sees her as unfaithful to Ivanhoe. She believes that if Rowena truly loved Ivanhoe she would be at his side no matter what the situation

Red Knight (Demonic Knight) - Whether this ?knight? is human, demonic or something in between, no one knows and the knight is not telling. This knight, supposedly summoned by Ranora or possibly Baron Isambart revels in the chaos that surrounds him and uses it to his advantage. The ?knight? is truly evil and will win by any means and defiantly has dark powers behind his helmet

Robert Fitzwalter - Saxon Noble and knight who chafes at the rule of Prince John and his intentions toward his daughter.

Rosanna - A Saxon noble?s daughter, Rosanna has been trained in martial skills and is an adequate warrior.

Ruthie - Ruthie is the daughter of a Saxon farmer and merry men Will Curstan to be exact captured by Guy of Gisbourne?s men to gain leverage against Robin Hood.

Sir Gerstog - A Saxon noble and a friend of Lord Athelstaine Sir Gerstog likes to carouse and wench.

Sir Guy of Gisbourne (Steward of Sherwood Forest) - Guy is the right hand man of Abbott Hugo and was knighted and appointed by the church and it was under orders from the Abbott that caused Robin of Loxley to become an outlaw. On numerous occasions he has attempted to capture Robin and failed, this is when the Sheriff was brought in under the direct orders of Prince John. Guy is an adequate warrior but tends to have more bravado when he has his men backing him up when he is alone he is less than brave. Guy is cousin to the Sheriff and has no problem using the Sheriffs name to gain favors or intimidate. Guy despises the peasants and lords his position over them when at all possible, he is known as a man not to cross because he will have his men beat you senseless if you do.

Guy is not beyond cheating or lying to gain the upper hand but he often does not think be for acting and this often causes him problems. He has failed in a few tasks given to him and has taken the derision heaped upon him by the Sheriff. The Abbott tolerates him (he is an excellent spy in Prince John?s court) and since he is technically the Abbott?s man he is protected in so much as his life is concerned. Guy is madly in love with Fair Ellen who was promised to him by the Abbot Hugo, but is oblivious to Lady Ilene?s advances.

Sir Hugh De Grantmesuil - Norman knight, and ally of Gilbert and the Sheriff.

Sir Morris Hugh de Bracy - Mercenary knight and friend to Gilbert returned from the crusades with Gilbert. The ?knight? de Bracy is anything but, he is a liar, a cheat, and a criminal of the basest sort all hiding behind the masque of knighthood. De Bracy is a good fighter though and has survived many battlefields and has much martial skill with a sword. De Bracy has been friends with Gilbert for some years now and both benefit from the relationship, De Bracy by having the ?ear? of the church, and Gilbert by having someone close to him whose hands are not tied by church politics. De Bracy is staunchly Norman and is firmly seated in the court of Prince John. De Bracy looks out for Gilbert and vise versa they would be considered shield brethren.

Sir Philip De Malvosian (Captain of the Ten Companies) - Mercenary knight and ally to Gilbert, he has tasked himself with watching out for Gilbert?s interest particularly since he is associated with the church (which has deep pockets). He sees opportunity at every turn and is always looking for a way to turn a situation to his favor. Malvosian also is enamored with Rowena.

Sir Reginald Front De Boeuf (the Bull) - A Norman knight and a friend to Gilbert, originally loyal to King Richard, he switched his loyalty to Prince John when John made a grab for the throne of England. He is a man of quick action and of little thought, and no mercy. He has anger, and control issues and believes if he wants something he should take it. His opinion of women is that they are possessions, although in his eyes he is Christian and a good man. Supposedly Front De Boeuf got his nickname by singly taking down a bull that rushed he and his horse while in the holy land. Front De Boeuf is also a skilled hunter. He owns a castle that sits on the edge of Sherwood Forest

Sir Roger "The Cruel" Of Doncaster - Norman noble who has taken the task of ridding the word of Robin Hood himself. He is known for his brutal tactics and for having absolutely no mercy.

Sir Roger is a vassal of Baron Isambart so the vile plots he hatches are dangerous to be sure.

Tepus - Norman archer.

The Black Fox - A mysterious hooded bandit and a contemporary of Robin Hood, he is located in the Hafren Forest near Llanidloes Wales, two of his band are Jean and Hawkins. A rumor that it is Robin Hood but that is unfounded.

The Headsman (The Executioner, The Axe man) - Prince Johns Headsman is a somber, menacing individual used to intimidate those that disagree with Pr John?s decisions. He never shows his face (some say he is horribly scarred, some say to give him anonymity but the truth is not known. If any one presents too much problem they are sent to Johns axe man to be dealt with quickly and permanently.

Thomas Warren - A merry man.

Tully - The son of a cobbler who was enslaved for stealing berries on the Prince?s land.

Waldemar Fitzurse - Prince Johns political advisor, and a personal friend of the Sheriff, any where that Prince John is Fitzhurse is not far behind, as he truly has Prince Johns ear on all things political. Like all politicians he has agendas and most of his involve raising Prince John to the level of King.

Wat the Tinker - An ingenious man originally hired to capture Robin Hood; he was outsmarted by Robin and summarily joined the merry men.

Will Curstan - A merry man.

Will Scarlet (Will Gamwell, Will Scathlock, Jock o Nottingham) - Robin's cousin has a sever hatred for the Normans, which stems from an incident several years ago that involved a serving maid that worked at his brother's tavern. Soldiers of Nottingham assaulted her; Will 'accidentally' killed three of the soldiers before escaping into Sherwood Forest. Will is an accomplished swordsmen having served King Richard as a soldier in Normandy and Scotland. Will is young and headstrong and while being loyal to Robin Hood, often bristles at Robin's leadership. He has a violent streak and often, does not look before he leaps and this many times causes Robin problems. Wills driving force is his dislike for the Normans and what they have done to the Saxons; his people. Will often dreams about England without the Normans and will almost go to any lengths to get the upper hand on a Norman. Of all of Robin Hoods men Will Scarlet is probably the most dangerous because of his unpredictability and possible savagery. Although he does not know this Lady Alicia has an all-consuming vendetta for his death since one of the Normans he killed was her husband.

Will Stutly - Boisterous, man of wit, one of the first merry men and an accomplished archer, he

is credited with naming Little John.

William "Willby" of Forbes - William or Willby as his friends know him is a Saxon supporter of King Richard. He is a close friend of Richards from when they were much younger. He can usually be found at Richard?s side or supporting one of Richard?s interests in England. Often he has received criticism from his Saxon peers for ignoring his Saxon heritage and siding with Richard to quickly, especially concerning matters of state.

William Sayer - A merry man.

Womba - Sir Cerdric's fool and spy and friend to Gurth.

Wrennok of Donne - A Norman assassin

Wulf (Wulf Little, Wolf) - Wulf, the eldest son of Little John and Fanny, much like his father and mother is willing to take on all opponents. Wulf has much of his mother in him and has a tendency to get him in to trouble. Wulf considers himself protector of his siblings and often will put himself in danger to watch out for them. Wulf is very skilled in the staff. Wulf has a strong dislike of the Normans for what they have done to his family.