Castlewall Performers
Bethany Medved, Bethany (Beth, Bepi, Bepisaun) was born in Ft. Knox, Kentucky on February 12, 1989. She moved to Denver in 2000. She is joined in Castle Wall by her father, Eric, her mother, Veronica, and brotherd Logan. She has been in Castle Wall since 2000, and has played Lady Gwen (2000), the Slave Keeper (2001), Sylvie (2002), Rosanna (2003), Lady Ilene (2004-2005), Fair Ellen (2006), Marion (2007) and The Red Knight (2008). She earned the CWP Valor Award with Jenn in 2007 and the Stunt award in 2008. Beth greatly enjoys drawing and is quite good at it. When she is not slinging steel, she can generally be found geeking out about her obsessions, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Pirates of the Caribbean. In fact, she considers herself Bepi the Vampire Slayer, and would someday like to kill a vampire. She enjoys making jewlery and is quite talented. She wants the world to know that her future husband is Seth Green.