Castlewall Performers
Eric Richard Medved, Eric Richard Medved - Eric was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 21, 1966. He joined the United States Army in September, 1984 and finished his tour in November of 1995. He earned several awards while in the military. After the army he also earned his degree in advertising graphic design and media production from El Paso Community College. He moved to Denver in 1999. His wife, Veronica, and three children, Bethany, Jessica and Logan join him in the cast of Castle Wall. Eric has had many careers, but his favorite include teaching, he has being a security guard, a mail processor, a stock person, a department head in a retail store, and worked in commercial and residential construction. He has played many roles in front of and behind the camera in independent films and has created a few "characters" for independent wrestling, including Vinnie the Vagrant for High Velocity Wrestling and currently Magog for Saga Underground wrestling. He has had association in the past with SCA and Amptgaurd and is an inactive member of Fjellborg (a Viking reenactment group). He has been a part of Castle Wall since 2000 and has played the roles of and the Sheriff of Nottingham (2000-2007), and Alan-A-Dale (2004). Eric considers himself a jack of all trades, and a master of none. He enjoys art, filmmaking, woodworking, leather working, metal work, model making, and is a prolific collector of comics, toys and action figures. When he is not slinging steel, Eric can usually be found doing one of his many hobbies, watching movies, listening to music, working in some aspect in one of the local festivals or events, wrestling for SAGA, or participating with the SCA. He is also the owner, CEO, and President of Castle Wall Productions. He would, one day, like to be independently wealthy and travel. He lives by the phrase, "It is what it is." Eric will be continuing his characterization of the Sheriff of Nottingham for the 2012 season.