Castlewall Performers
Veronica Medved, Veronica (Vero, Monkey) was born in El Paso, Texas on April 8, 1973. She attended El Paso Community College and earned her degree in media production photography. She moved to Denver in 2000. She is currently working at a mortgage company, but her dream job would be to a professional photographer. Her husband, Eric, and three children, Beth, Jessica and Logan join her in the cast of Castle Wall. She has been on the news several times for her photography, which she wants to get published in a major magazine or newspaper some day. She has been in Castle Wall since 2000, playing the roles of Fanny Little (2000-2002) and Queen Isabel (2003-2007). She enjoys photography, and making gadgets and trinkets. Veronica can usually be found searching out unusual monkey collectibles or working on photography. She will be the head of the HR team for the 2011-2012 season.